Why T3 Telecom Software

Why T3 Telecom Software?

T3 Telecom Software's Unified Communications solutions are developed with scalability, security, reliability flexibility in mind. Our modular approach provides the backbone for implementing a solution across the organization, and can be easily tailored to meet your unique needs. A solid infrastructure allows you to bind your communications applications into a consolidated Unified Communications environment, creating a seamless experience for the end user.

Our solutions are delivered from the T3main, a powerful unified communications platform. The T3main has been developed in order to provide you with a UC backbone that can work within a variety of environments. We are PBX-, client/server- and hardware-independent, allowing us to easily grow with you as your infrastructure changes. We provide you with the freedom of choice, avoiding vendor-lock in and allowing you to choose solutions from multiple providers.

At its very core, the T3main incorporates an open architecture and technically advanced foundation built on Linux to leverage reliability and a low cost of ownership. A set of standards-compliant messaging capabilities can be enhanced through a modular approach to build a fully customized Unified Communications application.

  • Hardware independent: open standard Intel® architecture
  • Client/Server independent: runs on a variety of processors and servers
  • SIP-enabled: supporting VoIP, TDM, and mixed environments
  • PBX independent:SIP, QSIG, serial, in-band integrationsLinux foundation: providing reliability and low cost of ownership
  • Highly secure: T3main can be configured to run behind an internal firewall and uses standard Linux, as well as internal, security and licensing mechanisms.
  • Scalable: manages 2 to 120 connections per server and up to 10 million users / 255 nodes.


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