ACD Monitoring

ACD Monitoring

Exceed your Customer's Expectations
Your customers have certain expectations when they need to reach you. They want their call to be handled efficiently, be provided with accurate information about their wait time, and have alternate options to reach an agent when calling at peak hours.

T3iQ enables sophisticated automatic call distribution scenarios through an intelligent queuing mechanism. Expanding upon the automatic call distribution capabilities of your PBX that queues and transfers caller to live agents, T3iQ provides additional layers of call distribution functionality that takes care of callers. Callers know their position in the queue, their expected wait time, and can leave a message or even request a call back at a convenient time.

T3iQ is limited to specific PBXs. Please contact your dealer or T3 Telecom Software for more information.

T3iQ Sophisticated Distribution and Monitoring Capabilities

  • Monitors the ACD queue and tracks live agents’ status
  • In-queue messaging can play announcements as the caller waits, or use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to allow caller to make choices about his wait in queue.
    • Informs caller of place in queue and average wait time.
    • Leave a message option.
    • Callback option to allow caller to request a call at a convenient time.
  • Real-time queue monitoring and reports generator for effective call center management.

Comprehensive Management Reporting Dashboard
T3iQ provides real-time queue monitoring and a reports generator that helps you analyze the effectiveness of your call center.

Real-time Queue Monitoring

  • Web-based, real-time data
  • Snapshot to determine peak call periods
  • Caller status by queue
  • Agent status by queue
  • Callback queues

Reports Generator

  • Flexibility to slice data by queue, entry point, date/time parameters and type of call (disconnect, callback, take message, overflow)
  • Receive summary reports or complete call lists
  • Web-based or Excel output

Call Recorder
The T3iQ Call Recorder is an optional add-on service.

  • A unique call record feature provides additional capability to monitor the effectiveness of your call center
  • Configure the frequency of agent calls to be recorded
  • Allocate the number of ports to be used for call recording
  • Select date ranges and agents to review recorded calls
  • Listen to .wav files of recorded calls directly from the reporting dashboard
  • Send recordings to an email inbox from the reporting dashboard

  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing callers with updates and the option for a call-back.
  • Handling calls specifically according to business requirements means improved effectiveness of your call center.
  • With no limit on the number of agents T3iQ can monitor, T3iQ has the ability to expand with your organization.
  • Analyze your call center through real-time queue monitoring, historical data, and a call record function.