T3 IVR is a solution for companies that need to automate tasks, handle high call volume, increase productivity and profitability. With the T3 IVR any enterprise can automate database functions and provide callers with up-to-date instant information, 24-hour customer service, manage high traffic communications, automate repetitive tasks previously handled from customer service personnel and thus in a very short time yield a high return from the initial investment.

  • A scripting language allows system administrators to create applications such as call routing, zip code dealer locator.
  • Hooks from the scripting language can run external programs and create a full IVR application
  • Combine with the fax option to create a document retrieval system for forms, charts, etc.
  • Optional speech recognition module for processing names and numbers.

  • Reduce operating costs by automating tasks that would otherwise need to be handled by human agents.
  • Allows for 24/7 service.
  • No need for special programming skills or expensive equipment.

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