Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

Through this easily customizable component, multiple auto attendants can be triggered by the criteria important to you, such as time/date or DID parameters. Further flexibility allows mailboxes to be reached by multiple aliases ensuring that callers can always find the person or department they need. Tenanting extends these capabilities by allowing different departments or companies in a single location to set up customized prompts and have secure, private user directories and extensions


  • Allow your callers to reach their desired destination quickly
  • Eliminates the bottleneck of calls at the operator’s console
  • Reduce expenses by allowing personnel froto focus on other tasks rather than answering the phone
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing after-hours and emergency service without having to staff 24/7

  • Each department’s automated attendant functions can be configured separately.
  • Department partitioning allows for complete separation between departments or companies.
  • Administrator ccan define schedules for each department that includes an operator destination, a no response destination, three different system greetings, a speech recognition greeting, conversion table and script destination.
  • Departmental time zone is a configurable setting that defines the appropriate time zone for programmable departmental parameters.
  • T3main allows for incoming calls to the auto attendant to dial the first letters of the called party’s first or last name.
  • A mailbox owner can set “do not disturb” to have calls sent directly to voicemail.
  • A mailbox can be set up to forward a call to an external phone number before the call is transferred to voicemail.
  • Holiday messages and their dates can be pre-programmed into the system.
  • T3main’s departmental conversion tables allow the incoming caller to easily navigate by using single-digit DTMF keystrokes to reach specific company departments, services or extensions.

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