T3main Fax allows you to offer fax capabilities as a part of your unified messaging solution. Incoming and outgoing faxes are managed via the desktop and users can also send documents from a web-based interface keeping faxes private and secure. Fax capabilities require minimal administrative support and no additional hardware.

  • Reduce paper clutter by sending faxes directly from the desktop and delivering them electronically to an email inbox.
  • Secure sensitive information by allowing users to manage their faxes directly from the desktop and transmit unique fax IDs (CSIDs).
  • View faxes remotely on a mobile device with a PDF viewer.
  • File electronic fax records like an email, simplifying record keeping.
  • Reduce support requirements as T3amin Fax is configured as a centralized fax server on the T3main enabling shared administration with all T3main features.

Faxes are delivered directly to the user's email inbox and can be saved to a local folder, be printed, or redirected to another recipient.

  • Fax-to-Email: review fax information directly from the email inbox (including fax sender and number of pages), view fax messages onscreen with any TIFF or PDF image viewer, and forward fax messages to any email address.
  • Redirect Fax Messages: redirect fax messages from the voicemail box to any fax machine when the email inbox is not available for fax viewing.
  • Fax Auto Print: allow automatic printing of incoming faxes to a printer in a Microsoft® Windows® networked environment. The client connects using FTP (file transfer protocol) to the T3main server at pre-set intervals, downloads incoming faxes and prints them to a printer pre-defined for each user. Up to 30 printers can be defined in the network, each one associated with a printer ID. Users may also select a printer where their faxes will be printed.

Outbound Fax 
Outgoing fax capabilities allow users to send documents as faxes from any Microsoft Windows or MAC application, monitor the process of fax documents, and maintain activity logs.

  • Fax Queue: A web-based report displays the user's outbound faxes currently queued for transmission.
  • Fax Log: A web-based report displays the results of the user's outbound faxes. The fax log includes date, time, status, fax destination, account and billing codes as well as an attachment including the content of the fax.
  • Multiple recipients: A fax can be sent to multiple recipients, including email recipients who will receive the fax as a document attached to the email.
  • Confirmation email: A confirmation is delivered to the email inbox which includes date, time, status, fax destination, account and billing codes, as well as an attachment including the content of the fax.
  • Fax Settings: The mailbox owner may set personal outbound fax settings including number of times to retry fax delivery based on busy or no answer and how long to wait between each try, normal or fine quality, and input a billing code for client management.
  • Microsoft Office Integration: T3main Fax can access Microsoft Office contacts for addressing faxes.
  • Security: When sending a fax, the user may request delivery to a specific remote fax ID (CSID) to ensure the fax will only be transmitted to the correct recipient. This is useful in highly secured environments such as the legal and medical industry. In addition, each fax user is able to transmit a unique name and CSID on an outbound fax.

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