Mobile Application

Mobile Application

T3mobile allows you to use your mobile device as an extension of the office desk phone. T3mobile provides the user with single-number-reach, which enables the mobile device to be used interchangeably with the office phone in order to make and receive calls. Presence status such as ‘busy,’ ‘out of office,’ can also be set through the mobile device, allowing you to manage your calls on-the-fly. 

Through T3mobile you can also easily access key voice messaging functionality and manage administration of the voice mail box without dialing into the voice mail system and navigating key presses or voice commands.

  • One-touch access to the voice mail inbox, saved, deleted items as well as incoming faxes.
  • Access to administration of the mailbox including changing recorded name and voice mail password, as well as new user voice mail box set-up.
  • Ability to set up and record presence-based greetings including default, busy, out of office and extended absence and set up individual forwarding (follow-me) destinations for these destinations.
  • Ability to record and send a voice mail to another internal address, and also set up special flags, including future delivery schedule, priority, confidential, return receipt notification.
  • One-touch access to do-not-disturb (DND) when the user wishes to send incoming calls directly to the voice mail system.
  • Masking of the cell phone number to display the office number to the call recipient when making an outgoing call.
  • Ability to accept an incoming call on the mobile device that was made to the office number, and transfer or record the call.

  • Save on phone charges when dialing calling to/dialing from international destinations.
  • Contacts/customer can easily locate you while maintaining your privacy and presenting a unified corporate appearance.

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