Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging provides instant access to voice, email and fax messages from any location with the tools you already use day-to-day. Fully-featured unified messaging functionality allows users to work within a single environment, minimizes administration headaches, and supports existing IT investments as well as any future architecture requirements. With theT3main you can choose one or multiple configurations to deploy your unified messaging architecture while maintaining flexibility in the future should infrastructure needs change.

The T3main provides flexible options to support your architecture needs by integrating with, or remaining independent from, your corporate email system. With theT3main you can choose one or multiple configurations to deploy your unified messaging architecture but maintain the flexibility to modify in the future should infrastructure needs change.

Enterprise Mail Server Integration
When you integrate the T3main with your corporate email system, users receive all voice and fax in their main email inbox.

With two integration options available the T3main seamlessly integrates with your corporate email system. The T3main uses these protocols to communicate with your email server to deliver voice and fax messages directly to the users' inbox, and continuously updates message status. Users can check and handle voice messages from all devices, including the email client, Webmail client, PDA and telephone.

  1. Microsoft Exchange®: Uses MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface).
  2. IMAP4 Synchronization Agent: Uses IMAP4 and SMTP protocols to integrate with other email servers.

Advantages include:

  • Integrated with specific server credentials (e.g. Active Directory®, Domino Security®)
  • No client-side installations required on the desktop
  • Single point of administration
  • No server-side modifications required
  • Provides a redundant message store where messages are stored on the T3main as well as on the enterprise server

Independent Mail Server

This option is optimal for organizations that do not maintain corporate email, or need to provide voicemail and fax capabilities to individuals who do not have or need a corporate email account. The user checks voicemail and fax messages through a client or web browser that accesses the T3main directly, bypassing any corporate email server.

  1. T3 as an IMAP Server: Voice, fax, and deleted messages appear in a separate folder from the user's primary inbox. Messages are synchronized with the T3main.
  2. T3 as Secure Web Mail: Voice and fax messages are accessed through an independent web client and are synchronized with the T3main.
  3. T3 as a POP Server: Voice and fax messages display in user's primary inbox and messages are not synchronized.

Advantages include:

  • Implement unified messaging without being dependent on enterprise email
  • Provide unified messaging to temporary or remote employees who don't require a corporate email account
  • Emails are maintained on a separate server from voicemail and fax to preserve a maximum level of security

  • Review voice message and fax information directly from your email inbox including caller ID, duration of voicemail, fax sender, and number of pages.
  • Listen to voice messages with any audio player or review messages over the phone while controlling playback through onscreen controls.
  • Receive a text message to your mobile device when a new voicemail, email and/or fax is received.
  • View fax messages with any TIFF or PDF image viewer.
  • Forward voice and fax messages to any email address directly from your email inbox.
  • Archive voice and fax messages to any local folder.
  • Listen to emails from your voicemail with a natural sounding text-to-speech converter.
  • Listen to, delete, save, reply to, and forward emails through the phone.
  • Forward emails to a fax machine.
  • Redirect fax messages from your voicemail to any fax machine when email inbox is not available for fax viewing.
  • Utilize cutting-edge add-on services, such as transcription or password replacement/enhancement with Voice Biometrics.

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