Visual Voicemail

Visual Voicemail

T3vT converts voice messages to text allowing you to read voice messages through your email inbox, handheld device, or IM client. With T3vT you can easily scan your voice messages without having to navigate through voicemail options, quickly accessing time-sensitive messages. You can also have the content of a voicemail sent to you in a text message so you know when a message comes in even if you can't access voicemail or email. And in certain environments reading your voicemails may be the only way you can access critical information.

  • Receive urgent messages almost immediately through a fully automated transcription service
  • Read voicemails through a variety of applications and devicesHave all important information, such as callback number, already transcribed
  • Enhance message management - voicemails and phone conversations can be easily referenced, stored, indexed or forwardedAccess critical messages without having to navigate through voicemail menus

  • Transcribed message is sent to email as a text-based attachment, and as an SMS to a mobile device or IM client.
  • Receive a transcribed message of your telephone conversation when you use "call record.
  • "T3vT can be selectively enabled for specific users.
  • Continue to receive voicemails as an audio attachment, and maintain immediate synchronization of email and voicemail as T3vT is synchronized with T3main unified messaging functionality.

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