Outbound IVR

Outbound IVR

T3iCall's outbound IVR functionality helps you reduce operating costs by automating a time-consuming communication process. T3iCall lets you easily disseminate messages to an audience of any size to communicate emergency notifications, status updates, or personalized reminders quickly and consistently. With T3icall you can deliver emergency messages, service updates, marketing campaigns and personalized appointment reminders.

  • Configure the dates, days, and times for outbound calls.
  • Define multiple campaigns that can run at varying dates/times.
  • Configure the number of call attempts and the time interval between call attempts.
  • Specify call scenarios including answer, no answer and busy.
  • Deliver messages that include customized information, including date/time, name and location.
  • Transfer call recipient to a live operator or call center automatically or on demand.
  • Set up your campaign to deliver messages via text to a hand-held device or by an email.
  • Batch upload phone numbers or email addresses through a text file.
  • Deliver localized messages to your multilingual customer base.Activate a campaign via a web interface or through the phone.
  • Create touch-tone surveys, such as customer satisfaction.
  • Password-protect or use T3 Viometrics (voice verification) to secure outbound messages.
  • Review detailed logging data (by campaign or specific phone number) online or via Excel file, including call attempts, call result, call date and call duration.

  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Increase communication to clients, helping to strengthen relationships.
  • Reduce missed appointments, missed deliveries.
  • Improve emergency notification, helping to reduce the change of damage and disaster.

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