Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Solution: The T3icall allows an administrator to set up a list, and then trigger the list, to notify the appropriate people. The individuals would receive an outbound call that could follow any one of the following scenarios:

  • Configure the dates, days, and times for outbound calls.
  • Define multiple campaigns that can run at varying dates/times.
  • Configure the number of call attempts and the time interval between call attempts
  • .Specify call scenarios including answer, no answer and busy.
  • Deliver messages that include customized information, including date/time, name and location.
  • Transfer call recipient to a live operator or call center automatically or on demand.
  • Deliver localized messages to your multilingual customer base.
  • Activate a campaign via a web interface or through the phone.
  • Review detailed logging data (by campaign or specific phone number) online or via Excel file, including call attempts, call result, call date and call duration.

Solution: With follow-me, room calls can be forwarded to the resident's cell phone. If iCall is being used automated check-ins can continue even while the resident is off-site.


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