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Solution: The T3icall allows an administrator to set up a list, and then trigger the list, to notify the appropriate people. The individuals would receive an outbound call that could follow any one of the following scenarios:

  • Configure the number of call attempts and the time interval between call attempts.
  • Specify call scenarios including answer, no answer and busy.
  • Deliver messages that include customized information, including date/time, name and location.
  • Transfer the call recipient to a "situation room" or live operator for additional instructions
  • Deliver messages via text to a handheld device or by an email.
  • Password-protect or use T3 Viometrics (voice verification) to secure outbound messages.

The administrator is also able to review detailed logging data (by campaign or specific phone number) online or via Excel file, including call attempts, call result, call date and call duration.

Solution: With scheduled paging, pre-scheduled announcements for shifts or breaks can be made plant-wide or in specific locations (zones).

Solution: Through the automated attendant a caller locates an individual either through the directory or via their direct extension. They are put on hold and the call is announced through the PA system with instructions on how to pick up the call.

Solution: T3 Viometrics (voice biometrics) has an option to authenticate specific individuals who should be provided access to a physical space, and even the specific times they should be granted access.

Solution: T3 Viometrics can provide a more secure solution for time attendance. While a card can be misused, when using voice biometrics you get an authenticated 'stamp.'There's no need for specialized equipment, and nothing for the employee to misplace. Viometrics can also be tied in with your organization's HR system for reporting or payroll.

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