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Solution: The T3icall can call out personalized reminders for scheduled appointments.

  • The dates, days, and times for calls are configurable.
  • If the call is not answered a customized voicemail message can be left.
  • The call can be transferred to a live operator or call center if the call receiver wishes to reschedule their appointment.
  • The number of call attempts and the time interval between call attempts can be configured.
  • Call scenarios including answer, no answer and busy can be specified.
  • Call data is captured including call attempts, call result, call date and call duration.


Need: Implement a phone-activated prescription refill service.

Solution:  With T3iCall you can set up an automated system to accept prescription refills and notify customers or a low or expired refill, and when a refill is ready for pick-up. By adding Viometrics, you can create a more secure portal for your customers to access their medical information.


Solution: T3iCall allows you to notify patients of upcoming appointment, while enabling patients to schedule or cancel their own appointments. This can help reduce missed appointments, as well as reduce staff phone time.


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