Unified Communications Platform

Unified Communications Platform

We can help you create a consolidated unified communications environment. Our solutions can be implemented out-of-the-box, or by extending our comprehensive functionality through custom applications.



The T3main platform offers a robust unified communications application while complementing previous investments in both traditional TDM and VoIP environments. From comprehensive message management to advanced telephony applications including IVR, Outbound IVR, voice-activated voicemail access, voice authentication, and voicemail transcription our solutions simplify the management of an organization's messaging needs, while putting the tools in employees hands to maximize communication.

At its very core, the T3main platform incorporates an open architecture and technically advanced foundation built on Linux to provide reliability, scalability, simplicity and a low cost of ownership. An integrated approach mitigates costs and administration complexities by sharing resources across all application components allowing you to plan for future growth.

SIP solution: lowers costs and creates a more stable environment by providing flexible installation options.

Hardware-independent platform: runs on a variety of processors and servers, avoiding vendor lock-in

Linux-based architecture: creates a highly secure environment and a low cost of ownership.In-house developed application elements: including the SIP stack, RTP stack and other IP protocols, providing flexibility and cost savings.

High Availability and Redundancy: with our DCN clustering each node functions independently yet automatically synchronizes with the rest of the cluster. Should the network be out of service, your data is still available locally to each location and the service level can be fully maintained.

Multi-platform Compatible: our platform can be integrated with any communication environment – SIP, Digital or Analog.

Mail server integration: our platform provides multiple options to support your architecture needs by integrating with, or remaining independent from, your corporate email system. You can choose one or multiple configurations to deploy your unified communications architecture while maintaining flexibility in the future should infrastructure needs change.

Multi-site networking: With industry standard VPIM protocol and proprietary DCN (direct cluster networking) protocols, we offer multi-site transparency and interoperability with other messaging systems.

Multi-Site Transparency: creates a seamless environment allowing users in multiple locations to access each other as if they were all in a single location.

Virtualized Environment

T3 products are hardware-independent and ready to deploy on physical servers, virtualized servers or a hybrid of both. Use your virtualized environment to deploy primary or redundant instances of the Messaging application, while saving on hardware, energy and administration costs and increasing reliability and performance.

Administrator Management (System Management)

Administrators have access to a comprehensive web-based tool allowing IT staff to maintain the system from anywhere on the network. T3Webcontroller allows administrators to create different roles for managing the system, and manage all backups, upgrades and system set-up.

Custom Applications

Our comprehensive scripting capabilities enhance our modular approach by allowing you to extend the functionality of the system to meet specific and unique business requirements. From developing intelligent call routing programs to integration with external databases, custom applications can be developed by system administrators, resellers, or as a service provided by T3 Telecom Software.

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